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Playin in the mud! #wetdog
I’ve been replaced. #lovebirds
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Watching is helping, right?! 😜#snowday #shovelcitybitch



You know how I love huge 3D type, well I spotted one of these sculptures over on the fab TwentySixTypes. It’s the award winning identity for the IV Brazilian Design Biennial last year by Geco Design.

The Biennial theme was ‘Brazilian Diversity’ so the ‘D’ forming the top section of the overall ‘B’ was designed with multiple styles to represent this.


5,000 honeybees strap on tiny backpacks in the name of science
But how do you attach a sensor to a tiny honeybee?It turns out that it’s not that complicated. 1. Refrigerate the bee."We take the bee into a cold place, usually to a fridge about 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees F), for five minutes and that is enough to have the bees sleeping," de Souza told the Australian Broadcasting Company. 2. Shave the bee. (Yes, really.)"Very young bees, they’re very hairy. At times we need to do something to help us," he said. 3. Use tweezers to glue the sensor to the bee’s back."It doesn’t disturb the way the bee will see or the way the bee will fly, they just work normally," he said.
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I hang out with so many celebrities! #mrpopular  (at Harvard Stadium)
Hanging out with #tombrady and #guyfieri and some other #patriots with @audrakad @bchausse @alibhass and the other #bestbuddies team! (at Harvard Stadium)
"But I don’t wanna go here" #playingunderthetavleanddreaming #notthebaby
Found #saturn! Someone liked Saturn so much he put a ring on it! I’m looking for Uranus next guys! 😜👌 #oneringtorulethemall #stargazing
Happy about the BAA decision on giving me a number for the #bostonmarathon next year!! #iloverunning #runningsucks #bostonmarathon2014